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19 July 2013 @ 06:25 pm
Each day there will be questions about Aion and you answer them. :) They will be posted at


Join in. :)
11 April 2012 @ 02:37 pm
As anyone rejoining Aion because it's now free, I suggest you let the game update by launching it. Patch updates.
27 January 2012 @ 04:58 am
Over the past two years, Veteran Rewards have served as a way to show our appreciation to our most loyal fans and supporters. We’ve given out rare and unique items, as well as player favorites, and we want to continue that trend moving forward. However, we recognize that with the coming of 3.0, some of the rewards from the current Veteran Reward system will become outdated, as newer and better items become available.

Beginning in February, the current Veteran Reward system will be discontinued. The Month 28 Veteran Rewards will be distributed beginning January 25, 2012. You will have the entire month to claim your Month 28 Veteran Rewards and apply them to all of your characters. It is very important that you log into your NCsoft Master Account and claim your rewards while they are still available.
However, we have many exciting plans in the works for Aion—expect to hear more about the enormous amount of content that 3.0 has to offer, from player housing to new mounts!

Keep in mind this applies to NA players. EU players will continue to receive rewards through Gameforge.

So remember, you have 30 more days to go apply those rewards to your toons!

source - http://na.aiononline.com/news/announcements/changes-veteran-rewards
27 January 2012 @ 04:32 am

Ultra-pretty flighty MMO Aion is set to drop the monthly subscription fees and go free to play in February next year. The free to play version will be rolled out in the UK, France and Germany first before spreading across the whole of Europe. “In the last few months the lands in Atreia have become more and more deserted,” NCSoft write on the new Aion free to play site, “we want to reinvigorate the world of Aion and attract new adventurers to the towns.” There’s no mention of a free to play version for the US yet.

Aion’s been updated many, many times since its release. New dungeons, new endgame quests, new missions and pets that will collect your loot for you are a few additions. The seriousness of the stoic angel warriors that made up Aion’s character base on launch have thawed considerably over the years with the addition of new outfits, afros and a ton of new gear.

Aion’s world has become more impressive, too, with a raft of graphical updates. It’s powered by Crytek’s CryEngine, making it one of the best looking MMOs around, though through it all, it’s never quite managed to shake its reputation as a bit of a grindfest. Come February, you’ll get to download the client and find out for free.

In the Aion free to play FAQ, NCSoft mention that in”every quest, class, instance and zone is freely playable and is free of charge for every player.” There they also mention that new players will be able to pay extra for a “Gold package” which will remove “a few minor restrictions in an effort to protect the game against bots and gold sellers” If you’re already a subscriber, you’ll be rewarded with “Veteran” status. “With this, all game options are open to you free of charge and you also receive special bonuses.” Find out more on the official Aion free to play site. If you’re an Aion subscriber, NCSoft recommend marking your account for transfer ahead of the free to play switch. There are instructions on how to do that here.


Did anyone get a f2p EU beta key they don't want that I can have? I'm an American stationed overseas. I had Aion back when I was in the US and have been playing on the NA servers while over here. It lags really bad so I've been wanting to try EU for a long time. I just didn't want to transfer my whole account because it's one time only. Pointless when we're going to get transferred back to the states later on.
09 December 2011 @ 03:45 am

I just realized these two Asmodian symbols are different. Which is the right one or are they both right??

(probably going to be my next tattoo. Tho I really want my tumbling fungie)

02 December 2011 @ 07:49 pm
Has anyone made the transition? Is it worth it? What's your experience?

I'm an American stationed overseas. In the past, my hubs and I have tried playing our NA server Aion accounts but had many problems. Mainly the lag and rubber banding. Would this be a problem if we switched to an EU server?

I can't find on the NCSoft account page on how to make an EU account. The last time I downloaded the EU version of the game, it wouldn't let me use my NA log in. Websites say you need some kind of time code for the EU Aion.

Is anyone willing to give me one please? Thank You
20 October 2011 @ 03:14 pm
I was browsing my Tumblr Dashboard when I saw a post a friend reblogged from fuckyeahalliance. Being the Hordie that I am, I went to search for a fuckyeahhorde. I found one but it's not being used. This got me to thinking about Aion. I wanted to see if there was a fuckyeahasmodians to follow, if there were any Aion Confessions to follow or 'you know you're from Aion when', like WoW has. There wasn't so I made all except the 'you know you're from Aion' tumblr. I have not made a fuckyeahelyos so feel free if you wish.
Anyway, I don’t have the photoshop skills to make confession images so if anyone wants to volunteer, please give me your email in my ask/submit box (tumblr), dA note ore LJ PM and I’ll make you a member of that blog.
For Fuck Yeah Asmodians, I’d like it filled with Asmo screen caps, art, and anything celebrating Asmodians. If you would like to help contribute and reblog things to the blog, please contact me by the same methods above and I’ll make you a member.

14 June 2011 @ 07:35 am
Good day!

Last week I returned to AION as an Asmodian warrior on the North American server Zikel.

I played for a month when the game originally came out but stopped since one of the previous WoW expansion came out not long after. Anyway. Now I'm back and I've forgotten pretty much everything I learned back then (I didn't get all that far in originally anyway).

I would really like to make some new friends and was wondering if anyone on here is on Zikel, and also how I go about finding a guild / legion / alliance / I don't know what they're called.

I just hit level 10 yesterday so that will help me since I can finally whisper other players, but most of the players I've met seem to be veterans of the game that don't want anything to do with newbies.

Any help, suggestions and tips on meeting people and making friends at an early stage of the game would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much!

-Zeraene of Zikel
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