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aion_ladies's Journal

Aion: Tower of Eternity ~ For the Ladies
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Discussion of Aion by gamer girls and gentlemen
Aion_Ladies is a community designed for lady gamers interested in and/or playing Aion: Tower of Eternity.


Keep It Clean
No excessive profanity. We realize that sometimes you just have to let it out, but try to keep your post at least a little family friendly.
No rated R content. Yes, we’re sure you have amazing artwork showing off that incredibly nude Asmodian, but keep that in your own journal please! This also includes the icons you use to post.
Men in the Community
Aion_Ladies has been primarily created with girl gamers in mind, but we do welcome members of any gender, sex, and orientation.
LJ Cuts
Please keep images larger than 400x400 or long posts behind an LJ cut.
When posting in Aion_Ladies, do not disable commenting or freeze/screen/delete comments. Posts with disabled commenting will be deleted.

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